Milly meets Toby and moves in with Me (and Skinnyman)

The story starts with a young couple, living in a miners cottage in the mountains. This couple felt that a little something was missing. Something small, cuddley and sweet. Along came Milly. Miss Milly is a re homed Jack Russell x.

Milly soon settled into the country life style, teaching us about how to live life Milly-style. Which mainly involves sleeping in, cookies and warm milk. We soon learnt that this is Milly’s favorite way to spend a Sunday morning with us after we spilled milk whilst making coffee. See really no reason to cry over spilled milk, you never know what you might learn.

Our lives continued on. Work, rest, play. Milly settled in well but we felt that something was still missing. Along came Toby! Toby is a stretch russell. We really have no idea on his breeding but at best guess I’d say he was a jack russell x sausage dog.

Now our family is complete and we find ourselves here, at Milly meets Toby. This is where we share our cooking success and failures with you all. We offer sound tested advice on life’s little quirks for all people from all places.

We hope to see you here as often as we are.

How to contact us?

Email: millymeetstoby@gmail.com

Twitter: @millymeetstoby


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