Spottybox- the Bellabox style gift for your beloved pooch

I love getting parcels. Like seriously love it. I’m a secret subscriber. Secret because I don’t want my friends to think I’m a weirdo. Which leaves a lot of unanswered questions when they walk into my bathroom and see a myriad of luxury products in teeny tiny sample size.

The beautiful RedSage ( helped away me towards Bellabox. I’ve never looked back. Now I don’t always love what is sent to me. Some items in my cabinet have been there since day one, but other items I’ve loved and actually purchased. With money. Yup.

So when I saw the beauties at Bellabox introduce Spottybox I was sold. Why shouldn’t my fur babies enjoy the same feeling of joy each month with new gifts. And 20% goes to help an animal shelter in Australia. So I’m helping keep the two pound puppies happy at home AND helping other lonely pets? Le win win I say!

This little info graph helps explain it all.
Each Spottybox includes 4-6 innovative dog toys, treats, bones, and goodies picked for your pup. Gift your four-legged ruv today! Ruff Ruff!

The lovely puppy lovers at Spottybox are offering the lovely Milly meets Toby readers a whopping 50% their first box !! YAY so just leave a comment with who you want to spoil a with a Spottybox and we ll send you our special friend code.

Until then Miss Milly will be in her bed waiting ! Xoxo




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