ManeNocte~ Review

A bad day of bringing the polite inner diva out on a twitter tirade of sadness lead to the beautiful people at ManeNocte sending me some samples to brighten my day and face (literally).

Now I don’t have the best skin in town. A little bit red, patchy and generally mildly difficult to deal with. Also a bit sensitive to those lovely chemicals we tend to pay so much for. A decade of medication for polycystis ovaries and other lady issues has lead to almost adult acne. Not quite and certainly not severe enough to warrant a referral to a specialist. It has left me a little low on the self confidence side. 

Like most ladies in my situation of skin care blergh, I’ve tried a lot of products. No, seriously a LOT. It also helps that I subscribe to Bellabox. I usually find that new products have that new impressive sheen and surprise results. Lasting for a few weeks or if I’m lucky a month or two, before the old issues creep back in. Kinda like that boy you left at that bar but let him buy you an expensive drink. Initially a happy moment, then the guilt sinks in. In short, I was a little pessimistic about a new skin care range claiming to have everything my skin needed. And at $120 a pop.  I was hesitant but happy. 

Firstly the art work of the ManeNocte products is just divine. Think raw earthy with a bird. 

Two little pots of day and night specific items. No heavy handed instructions arrived. Juts a cute hand written note saying start slowly and enjoy. 

Now two weeks in I can happily say how much I am enjoying the simplicity of this product. A quick cleanse morning and night, apply the time accurate cream and I’m done. The simplicity of this skin rates it high on beauty cabinet.  My skin is still settling into the system and getting used to the products. Over all the results are rather nice. Less redness, congestion and afternoon oil. 

A few little issues have arisen. But hey no one is perfect.

This product doesn’t sit particularly well under make up. Either liquid or mineral foundation. I found that my skin got rather flakey and clingy to the makeup. Once it was on it didn’t move and still looked acceptable at the end of the night (that issue maybe a little bit more my technique and laziness).

The smell can be a little over powering and does get a bit over powering at the start. Also there are no ingredients listed. 

I still have another two-three weeks of product left. Overall I’m really happy with the results. It’s not perfect but a work in progress. Like me.

A little bit of info stolen from the ManeNocte website-

Conceived to meet the needs of the new generation skincare consumer, ManeNocte represents the very best of everything that holistic and medical science agree skin needs to look and feel its best. Morning and Night. The two cosmeceutical emulsions reprogram skin to perform at its peak for optimal vitality, clarity and luminosity. No rituals. No rules

Updated to say~ Go check out their great website for ingredients and other fun informative stuff!



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