Little love for crowd funding

Meet my new late night lover- crowd funding! Crowdfunding meet my friends.

Oh the simple joys of being an insomniac who likes to shop.

After a cold winter, and a new ski ensemble (thanks yummy mummy who sold me her skis super cheap because being beautiful and a skier wasn’t fair on the other playgroup mums) and a desire to ski I stumbled across the Chicks with Stix fundraiser on Sportaroo. A few clicks later and I had happily pledged $80 to help out these lovely ladies.

There are a few reasons why I’m in love with crowdfunding. Firstly it makes me feel hipper than a jiving hipster on Brunswick Road. I like to see what the world is thinking, making and creating. Secondly I love just love the idea of an innovative and private fundraiser. No door knockin’, no chocolate drives, no nasty pies that I ordered six weeks ago because I felt guilty that your footy/netball/cricket clubs room have 70s carpet.

The real reason I’m in love with crowdfunding is the ability to help someone else and selfishly get something cool out of it. Without being ‘pitched’ at. You need help, I want to give you help lets not play sleazy sales man harassing housewife.

My Chix with Stix pledge came complete with hoodie, stickers and the opportunity to join in a Freerider session. My naturally sporting ability allows me to wear this hoodie like no other, unfortunately the same cant be said about my ski ability.

I couldn’t resist the snow bunny tee from Jenny Owens Sportaroo crowdfunding. Seriously who can resist a snow bunny on a tee?

But I do have a few rules. Lilly will not leave the house kinda rules.
1- the platform must have an all or nothing mantra. Meaning that the your naughty little credit card won’t be charged unless the project reaches the funding goal. Some platforms allow a % of desired funds to be reached and handed over. Not a bad idea but like I said, I like to get stuff. So I like to know that my funds go to projects that get stuff done.
2- The project needs to have a reasonable time frame. If you have gone as far as setting up a project I like to see that you have done your research before asking for the moneys. A great project will list the costs and where the money is going.
3- interaction. I get that warm fuzzy aninternetstranger likes me feeling when I get a little thank you from those I’ve pledged to. I like to see that the project owners are still out there being good citizens of the world.

Plus all the usual Internet security stuff.

I like Sportaroo website for good all honest folk and projects.

Pozible for creative and quirky items.

Go forth and enjoy being an anonymous gift giver.



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