It’s been too long my friends!!!

Wow, ok so I’m not going to look at the last time I put pen to paper here. Lts all agree to agree that it has been too long. Longer than long and so much longer! 

A lotta stuff has happened. Skinnyman, the puppies and I moved house, bought a new little car to take me around town, I had a birthday and the ski season has come, gone AND returned to the Victoria slopes. 

With a full time job The Bu Vintage has been on the back burner for a little while now. As has my amazing experimental cooking sessions. 

As I said I celebrated my 28th b’day this year. Good food, good friends and some ugly sweater made it a memorable day. However getting close to the big 3-0 I started to get a little bit anxious about all thr amazing things I haven’t done. I did momentarily forget all the really amazing things I have already done. So I wrote a list. A lovely 30×30 list. Really it helped me sleep at night. So for a good giggle here it is-



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