Friday fun times!

Well a warm welcome to Friday! The big day is here before an amazing extra long weekend for me.

So I’m sure by now, my beautiful friends, you are all wondering What is the big announcement? Well here it is~

Milly meets Toby now have an Etsy store!

Milly meets Toby now has an Etsy store!

The Milly meets Toby store will be stocking a variety of small, hand made goodies. Ranging from hand made truffles, fudge and cookies made to order to our infamous gift hampers. We are super excited about the incoming mini French Apothecary jars. So adorable. Perfect for wedding favors or party gifts.

To help celebrate our new store opening in early February we’d like to give all your wonderful peeps a chance to win a dozen hand made peanut butter truffles.

Just like these ones from Bakerella.



All you need to do is leave us a comment on tell us how you would spend your time with 12 delectable little peanut butter truffles! The winner will be announced on Monday evening AEST.

Please note that due to the nature of the prize we are unable to send these outside of Australia.


2 thoughts on “Friday fun times!

  1. Congrats! That’s so exciting! I have to be honest, I’d probably spend my time with those truffles in bed (yes I eat in bed, oh the shame), sharing them with the boy. Anyway congratulations! I hope the store brings you and your customers so much joy

  2. Love to eat these delectable little morsels of chocolate and peanut butter yumminess anywhere, anytime with my lovely husband.

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