Travelin’ Thursday

I really love to travel. Anywhere, anytime, any place. Who doesn’t like going to a new place and discovering new things? Coffee in Japan is very different to coffee in Singapore. No one does bagels like a New Yorker. Fresh coconuts delivered by local village children in the jungles of Guyana. Yup I love it all.

I’m always amazed at how others choose to travel.

Backpackers seem to be quite “in” at the moment as are cruises. For me there’s nothing more that I love about travelling then the waiting at airports. Hours of fun that most people just haven’t yet discovered. If you travel internationally there’s really no way to avoid the long waiting at airports.

Here are a few tips-

~Always keep a pair of clean undies in your carry on luggage. Along with a toothbrush and hair brush. You never know when your luggage will decide to take a vacation of it’s own, without you.

~Smile. Your smile is free to give away and will reap it’s own rewards. You might not get that elusive upgrade to first class but it will help you get through things like customs and overweight bags a little bit easier.

~Lipbalm is your best friend. It’s really hard to show off your smile with chapped lips.


Let me introduce you to an amazing friend Hello Mr Jenkins. Every time I see this little fellow I fall in love and wish that he was in Melbourne. Or at least Victoria.

A little about Mr Jenkins~

10 ft, 1952 home built vintage caravan. Say HELLO to Mr Jenkins!
Mr Jenkins oozes style, character, sophistication and he could turn your event into an experience that is guaranteed to WOW your guests!

Mr Jenkins is a one of a kind mobile bar with quirky and vintage touches. He has had a complete makeover since he has come into our family, with the interior being completely gutted and refitted with an insane solid wood bar, two large ice sinks, 2 small bar fridges. And for those whole like to experience the VIP side to life, Mr Jenkins has his own leather seating area, fitting up to 4 guests at a time. With the hanging crystal chandelier and the back bar that looks out, this is a perfect space for some glamourous photo opportunities.

We are very friendly over here at Mr J HQ, so please do contact us with any enquiry as Mr J would love to service your next event!

Hello Mr Jenkins is based on the southern Gold Coast and we service from Byron Bay up to Brisbane. If you fall outside this region we welcome enquiries.

If you’d like to see more of Hello Mr Jenkins please go visit

Don’t forget  tomorrow we will be our announcing some exciting news! You never know, there maybe prizes up for grabs.




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