Time out Tuesday

After a hectic weekend I really need a bit of time out. Thankfully the train system here in good ol’ Melbourne knew my secret thoughts and gave me an additional hour of down time on the train. Pity that this made me late for coffee.

So why do I need time out? Well our weekend was full of fun activities like building a range of terrariums. Which still need some improvements. Instructions to come later. I researched far and wide only to discover that none of the local nurseries or hardware stores stocked what I needed 😦

Desktop Companions

Desktop Companions

I finally completed the remaining ribbon photo boards, as well as cleaned up my desktop for my new companions. The photo is a tad bit dark and you can’t see the simple terrariums that are now being guarded by the Frog.

Melbourne kept me well and truly busy on Sunday. With a visit to St Kilda beach first thing in the morning along with a Stand Up Paddle Board lesson. It really is as easy as it looks. We filled the afternoon wafting around the South Melbourne Market. Really if your after an escape from the city or a quick cure for your travel-bug syndrome then a trip to South Melbourne market is what you need. For an hour I nearly forget that I was in Melbourne and not walking around Asakusa or London markets. I can highly recommend visiting Simply Spanish for their flan alone, as well as a glass of sangria.

Let me know in the comments below, if you have a favorite hide out in the city to escape.


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