Friday round up

There’s a little bit of TGIF surrounding my desk right now. Nothing past the usual YAY it’s the weekend. Thanks to the sweltering Melbourne weather this week did feel a little bit longer then normal. Or it may have had something to do with all the late nights we had out enjoying the city’s nightlife.

Friday started off well with the discovery of an express cafe! On the corner(ish) of Collins and Spencer St you’ll come across Perk Up. Who have captured the early morning commuter by offering express basic coffees  between 7am-9am, for $2! All in a pretty pink cup* with a pretty lady on it. So for your lovely $2 contribution you can get a latte` or espresso. The brew itself is alright. A medium style roast. The temperature of the coffee was perfect. Hot enough to enjoy on the walk to work but cool enough to not burn off my taste buds.

*I usually would have my coffee in my trusty ol’ KeepCup. I just couldn’t resist this cup. And forgot my KeepCup at home 😦

After my coffee victory I stumbled across Haigh Chocolate Frog. Who I just couldn’t resist. Such a friendly sweet face, and a body stuffed with delicious chocolate. This suave little man will be my new writing companion at home. I feel that this little fellow shouldn’t be left home alone, on a dark desk whilst I’m out and about dancing. So I’m going to build him a terrarium  Which kills two proverbial birds with one cute little stone. Frog gets some greenery to enjoy and my succulents will move off the top of the fridge and into a serious career move.
A DIY guide to terrariums will be available shortly!


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