Friday Frivolities. Must be time to talk travel

Two of my favorite things are Fridays and travel. I usually like to plan my flights mid week so that I’m all settled in a ready for adventures over the weekend.

I’ve traveled a bit here, there and everywhere for business, pleasure and family. I have been lucky enough to travel with international racehorses, with international friends and some local lovelies. I just like to travel. Just about anywhere.

The one question that I repeatedly hear always relates to money. How much should I spend? Who should I spend it with? Food? Activities? Accommodation? The answers are simple:

  • Spend what you can afford. Not what you think you can afford. These are two very distinct things. Research local backpackers and budget hotels. Sometimes you may find that it’s cheaper to book a hotel room than a private room in a backpackers. 
  • Spend your hard earned cash on what you feel most comfortable with.  I like to research things a lot so I’m usually DIY kinda gal. If you are going to feel more comfortable with a guided tour then don’t hesitate to spend your money there. There is a certain peace of mind when you arrive in an unfamiliar place and having someone else come along and show you the ropes.

    Just make sure that you are comfortable with what is being offered. If you really need your sleep then are you prepared to share a dorm room with 8 other travelers  Or perhaps you’d prefer to pay the extra $20/day for a private room.

  • I always spend my money on good quality food that I’m going to enjoy. I’m on holidays and don’t really want to be eating 2mins noodles. I’ve saved my butt off to get to here and I want to enjoy it. There are quite a few budget options. In most cities you can find great eateries around train stations. They tend to cater for the business commuters, so offer quick easy food at a reasonable price.
  • If you want to do an activity then do it. I always try to fit in a horse ride in a country that I’m visiting. In NZ we went bungy jumping at Hamner Springs, then a session at the hot rock pools. Take the time to research what you want to do and factor in the costs within your budget. Going travelling is meant to be an experience. Don’t let it pass you by.

    Travelling either locally or internationally can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Don’t let simple mistakes ruin your time away.

  • Have an electronic copy of your passport, just in case.
  • Travel insurance is a must. Can you afford the $20k medical bill plus an emergency flight home? Sacrifice a few jugs of sangria and buy travel insurance.
  • Vaccinations- Do your research. Will you be allowed back into the country without correct vaccinations? I almost got stung at Sydney International Airport on my way home from Guyana/New York. My vaccination booklet was in my checked in luggage and I needed proof that I had received a yellow fever vaccination. Thankfully I’d kept all my travel documents in a folder in my carry on, which had a photo copy of my medical booklets. 

In no particular order here are some of my favourite places in the world


Palace of Versailles, France



Tokyo (Asaskusa, Harajuku)

Isle of Skye, Scotland

New York City

Tumatumari, Guyana


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