Welcome to 20-13!

Well a warm welcome to 20-13 and a Happy New Year to all.

Firstly an apology for the lack of posts over the silly season. Our little family spent the holidays travelling around the state visiting friends and family, with little to no internet access.

The week before Christmas was spent madly making Christmas hampers for friends and families. Mason jars were a huge hit with everyone. We used them for gift hampers and to serve deconstructed pavlovas.

The silly season was full of baking success from pavlovas, to fluffly pretzels (Thanks to Fifteen Spatulas for the great recipe) to home made peanut butter. All receipes will be available in full from tomorrow.

We also took a sneaky camping trip away to Suggan Buggan, Victoria. Who ever said you can’t have nice food while camping clearly lied. Our nights were filled with Skinny Man Speciality marinated lamb, Japanese BBQ marinated chicken,  a Christmas feast quiche, homemade pate` and some fine home made Italian delicacies.  Along with the usual cheese, dips and breads. There is something quite special and extra tasty when you get the chance to cook over an open fire. It isn’t as easy as it looks! We can’t debate that the highlight of the trip was two brumby mares coming down from the mountain to have a drink and nibble at the creek.

Here is a quick view of our wonderful holiday break.

Thankfully we did get a few days rest in. I’m super glad to be back in Melbourne with brilliant coffee and lots of black clothing.


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