Thank you to Tuesday and Cake Pops

It’s Tuesday and we are all here. Thank you Tuesday, you are much nicer than Monday and a little less humpy than a Wednesday. With only 21 days until Christmas slaps us with glittery wrapping paper, misplaced ribbons and cheerful b-grade movies, I think we all need a little time to be thankful and take some time to brighten the day of someone else.

Several years ago I was fortunate enough to volunteer on a HIV/AIDS education project with Youth Challenge International. I was thrown into Guyana (it’s in South America. Next to Suriname, Venezuela and touching Brazil  Not in South Africa like my mum kept on telling all her friends). Let’s keep this short and sweet. Over 10 weeks as a group of volunteers from Guyana, Canada and Australia we went into the interior of Guyana and lived within the community and spread the word on HIV/AIDS, domestic violence and a few other family friendly topics. One of our projects lead us to Tumatumari, a village in the Potaro-Siparuni region. The town holds about 300 people, with a primary school, medical center and a general store (with a pool table). The main economic activity is gold and timber mining. During our time here we were taken under the care of village chief Hannah. Hannah made the most amazing bread and salarah (a sweet bread treat) which she sold to us. Everything was made in the back yard and cooked over a fire. The town lost electricity after the hydro plant broke down and the army decided it wasn’t worth the effort to repair a bolt (or so the story goes) and packed up and left. During my time here I’ll never forget the time and effort that Hannah went to to make us feel welcome and well feed. It wasn’t unusual for us to wake up in the morning to see one of her grandchildren scurrying away after delivery a dozen fresh coconuts.


YCI volunteers with Hannah. Cruising down the river towards an Amerindian village to run a work shop on domestic violence, teen pregnancy and general life skills. Fun times.







Casually hanging out with a bird in the middle of an Amerindian village

Casually hanging out with a bird in the middle of an Amerindian village






So with Christmas on it’s merry way I think we should all spend a little bit of time to make someone else in our community feel special. What better way to do that then CAKE POPS. No you don’t need some fancy pants wana-be waffle machine to make cakepops. The brilliant Bakerella has simple and effective ways to make something simple into special.

Simple way to make cake pops or cake bites is-

1 cake of your choice

1 serve of frosting (I use cream cheese frosting. Which you can now buy pre-made in your local supermarket)

1 quality of good quality chocolate.

  1. Bake cake according to instructions. Let cool
  2. Crumble cake into tiny teeny bits. The finer the crumbs the better the end product
  3. Mix cake crumbs and frosting together. Using an ice cream scoop roll out balls of mixture onto a tray lined with baking paper
  4. Melt chocolate in a deep bowl. Now if you want cake pops you should head here for Bakerella’s instructions
  5. Using two forks roll the cake pops into the melted chocolate. Lift out and place on tray
  6. Place tray in fridge and allow to set. If you are wanting to add sprinkles, glitter etc add them BEFORE the chocolate sets
  7. Remove from fridge and decorate. Here are some ideas below

Share the love with those around you.

Cake pop images

Image from

 Christmas cake bitesChocolate cake bites


2 thoughts on “Thank you to Tuesday and Cake Pops

    • You need to use the candy melts to get them to properly stick. First you put a drop of chocolate/candy melt mix on the stick/ball and freeze. Then dip into a DEEP bowl and get swirl off the excess chocolate/candy melt mix.

      I usually go with the cake bite methods. A much nicer, dense product. A little bit more luxury and less trailer park trash disaster.

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