~How many days until Christmas? Easy gift ideas~

So the silly season is upon us again. Seems to happen every year. About now. The shopping center car parks become places of pure silliness. Stepping inside a shopping center seems to be an even sillier idea. Which I only ever admit to AFTER three hours of silly wandering around trying to find the right gift for the right person that I don’t really like. All seems very silly to me.

This year I am prepared. Getting prepared. About to start getting prepared to be prepared. Is that enough preparation?

Here are a few of my favorite things to make, bake and create.

Cowgirl Cookies

Adult’s Only Hot Chocolate 

Ratio of approx 40:60 marshmallow to hot chocolate, plus mini bottle of Baileys.

For a child friendly version use pink and white marshmallows and remove the Baileys. Perhaps replacing the Baileys with a small packet of cookies?

I love you cup covers. Free instructions and PDF from the amazing Eat Drink Chic here

S’mores Box

Chocolate, sweet biscuits (our Nothern hemisphere cousins love to use graham crackers for these. Near impossible to get a reasonably priced version on Australia. I suggest marie type biscuits from your local supermarket. Around $1-2 a packet) and marshmallows.

Christmas Cookies if you are really feeling the Christmas joy! Same recipe as the Cowgirl Cookies, just use the Christmas inspired colors.

So now that you are silly enough to be inspired by these amazing gift ideas you need to go and rescue some jars right? We suggest you duck over to Oz Farmer Direct. They have an amazing array of preserving jars available to send you silly.

Gift labels required? Go here to find some beautiful free printable labels for a variety of occasions.

So I promise that on Monday after my exam I’ll get back to backing.


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