Friends worth visiting

Firstly a HUGE apology to those waiting for the red velvet lamingtons.  Last week’s Monday Madness post was a lead up to the mad week that followed. We welcomed a new member to our family in the form of a super cute squishy niece. Snowball was a little bit earlier then was expected.
A new job passed over my desk and into my world.  Some days we forget the joy of learning new ways of doing things.

Uni-ma-versity has taken hold of my limited social life. With final essays due and an upcoming exam I find myself wanting to procrastinate more and more in the kitchen or outside in the garden with the puppies.


Here are a few friends that I think it’s worth you going and having a visit~

Spoon Fork Bacon

A Cozy Kitchen

How Sweet It Is

As you can see these three beauties are all indulging my exam preparation dietary needs.
I promise that some this week I will take to the kitchen for some exam stress baking.
Any requests?




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