I love Fridays

I love Fridays. Really love Fridays. Now that I have a big girl Monday-Friday gig I really adore my Fridays and all the potential that a Friday holds.


Fridays are more relaxed in the office. Fridays always seem to be the pretty day of the week. Which is perhaps why I always seem to visit Drowning In Decadence on Friday mornings on my way to work. Or perhaps it’s all the pretty recipes I seem to find whilst stuck on a train full of other happy Friday workers.

Even Toby seems happier on a Friday.


Fridays give me the time to go and explore my inner domestic goddess, makes some amazing lists and then to go and procrastinate down at the stables on a Saturday morning.

First of my Friday afternoon lists always involve food. Usually a Northern Hemisphere inspired creation. Thankfully living in Melbourne, we have four seasons in one day and can justify these non-seasonal dishes.

Today I’ve fallen in love with these S’mores Puddings. However being a Friday, and a happy day I’ve opted for these faster S’mores in a Mug.



Lastly this funny little cake, which sends a loud and clear message.



Have a fantastic weekend. xoxo


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