Melt and Mix Monday

Firstly I would like to apologize to everyone for the lateness of today’s post. With Melbourne, and the world as far as I’m concerned, being saturated with Spring Racing Fever, things got a little bit hectic.

With an amazing Spring sunshine soaked four day weekend, two days worth of racing activities, a 1500 word essay to create and execute and a healthy dose of champagne and strawberries I didn’t have the heart to turn on my little oven. So with a little bit of melting and mixing here is what was created~

White chocolate dipped Oreos.

Nutella and double chocolate stars cookies.

Mars Bar Slice.

When I was thinking about what to make, as I procrastinated some more from my essay execution, I remembered many new mothers who drop little hints here and there about lacking sufficient time to created amazingly unique treats for last minute visitors or as a bring-a-plate treat. All these items can be created in around an hour, with minimal mess (just trust me on that. Don’t look at my kitchen bench)

Here’s how these tasty treats were created.

~White Chocolate dipped Oreos~

1 packet Oreos

1 packet white cooking chocolate For these I used Cadbury white cooking chocolate.

  1. Melt chocolate in a bowl.
  2. Place melted chocolate bowl over a bowl of hot water. This will help keep the chocolate melted but not burnt. Don’t let the hot water touch the chocolate bowl.
  3. Dunk the Oreo into the melted chocolate. Use two forks to flip the Oreo over to ensure it has a good covering.
  4. Place covered Oreo onto a tray lined with baking paper. Place in the fridge for approx 15-25mins to set the chocolate.
  5. Enjoy

Nutella and double chocolate stars cookies.

A confession to make. These chocolate cookies had been baked a few days before. The recipe was rather bland and tasteless and needed a spruce up. Good ol’ Nutella came to the rescue. These can be easily created with any store bough cookie. Slather some Nutella on a cookie, join together and drizzle with some white chocolate (conveniently left over from the previous recipe).

Mars Bar Slice.

Here is the first of our Retro Recipes. The story behind this amazingly popular and delicious recipe comes from my Grandmother. According to history there was a time when young women would drive lorries (trucks) around to all the little grocery stores and milk bars delivering goodies, such as Mars Bars. At the end of the run (week? day? month?) there would be some goodies that were deemed no longer good enough for sale. Being good War-time Brides these ladies couldn’t let the perfectly good food go to waste. So the lady drivers would take certain items to certain friends to be transformed from waste to wonder. So now we have the Mars Bar Slice.

4-5 Mars Bar (or similar product. I’ve used other versions of this chocolate bar and found no difference in the end result)

90grams of butter

4-5 cups of rice puff cereal.

For this recipe ideally you want to run the Mars Bar-Rice Puff ratio at 1:1

  1. Dice the chocolate bar and butter into approx 1 inch chunks. Place chocolate bar and butter into a pot on medium heat
  2. Stir the chocolate bar and butter. Keep stirring. Stir some more. The chocolate and butter will melt rather quickly.
  3. Continue stirring. The mixture will quickly turn from brown bubbling mess to a smooth nougaty caramel mixture (see photos below). Once you have noticed the texture of your mixture changing remove from heat and continue stirring until the entire mixture is smooth and silky.
  4. Pour the mixture over the rice puffs. You need to be super quick and efficient as you mix the caramel mixture over the rice puffs. The mixture will set rather quickly. Stir, stir and stir some more. Just think of how amazing your arms will be looking after this.
  5. Place the chocolate rice puff mixture in a long tray/dish. Get a knife/spatula and cut the mixture while it is still warm. Place in the fridge for at least 30mins before serving.
  6. Enjoy!


During the whole melt and mix experiment Miss Milly was watching my every step. Ready for quality control I’m sure.

Miss Milly chillin out on her new picnic blanket


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