ManeNocte review and give away.

A little over a month ago I had a bad day. Like lost my paddle in certain creek of wrong bad day. The lovely people at ManeNocte sent me a beautiful sample pack of their day and night emulsions. It really did make my day. A week later I did a brief review on how things were going. 

Things I noted then- I don’t have great skin. Or terrible skin. Or a lot of time to get to either great or terrible skin. I have difficult, moody teenager type skin. Listen hear ye great and powerful cosmetics company- Not one of you out there caters for this skin type. My skin may love you one day but can easily turn on you the next. 

I’m gleefully happy to say that ManeNocte was able to subdue my skin’s moody demands and calm things down. After a month I noticed a reduction in the red areas around my cheeks, smoothness all around and a general improvement. I’m no longer coming home from a tough day in the office with sticky or oily skin. 

The smell of this product is rather pleasing and relaxing. There was no distinct herbal-backyard remedy or sickly floral smell that some more natural claiming products on the market. 

Did I change my routine when using ManeNocte?

Not really. My basic shower in the morning, cleanse face at night didn’t change. As I’m currently in full training for the next Adventure Race I have mildly increased my exercise, slipped in a few extra hot yoga sessions and cut down on the snack foods. Slightly. Ever so slightly.

After  a few trial and error situations with matching products I even worked out how to use ManeNocte under my rare makeup. 

What is it about ManeNocte that makes it work?

ManeNocte’s Day and Night Nutrition formulas contain the highest concentrations of phytonutrients, proteins, vitamins, minerals and lipids needed by the skin to remain healthy, luminous and crystal clear.

What’s up with the funky name?

Mane (“man-nay”) and Nocte (“nok-tay”) are Latin medical terms meaning Morning and Night. When Doctors prescribe for morning, they write ‘Mane’. For night, they write ‘Nocte’.

ManeNocte is your daily probiotic prescription for crystal clear radiance

Overall I feel in love with the simplicity of this product. No rules, no rituals just simple skin care that works for me. I’m happy to say that I’ll continue to use ManeNocte.

Here’s the really exciting part. ManeNocte have 10 treat size packs to give away. How easy is it to get your hand on one of these? Super easy. Pop over to Twitter and retweet- @buvintage #manenocte #norulesnorituals I can’t live without ……. and let us know what simple daily pleasure you just can’t live without! 

Don’t have Twitter? Then leave a comment below to go into the draw. 

The winners will be announced on Friday 25 October.Image